A Stagey, Bookish Welcome!

“You ask four guys how it happened, you get four different versions. And this is where all of them start. A thousand years ago. Eisenhower. Rocky Marciano. And…” one girl blogging about the shows she sees and the books she reads!

Welcome to ‘Plays and Paperbacks’, a new venture of mine combing my love of musical theatre with my attempt to rekindle my love of reading. This blog is something I have been wanting to start for ages and I’ve finally got around to It. So, a little bit about me… Hi!

This is me!

I’m Catherine Louise and I’m a 20 year old student based in Colchester, Essex and London. Musical Theatre is one of my favourite things and I love going to see musicals and plays as often as I can! My favourite musical is ‘Jersey Boys’, points for anyone who recognised the quote in the opening of this post, but there are many others close to my heart, perhaps I’ll do a future post about them. On the books front, I used to read a lot but life got hectic with the onset of deadlines. My favourite book currently is ‘Billy and Me’ by Giovanna Fletcher but that may change as I discover new reads and document them as I go!

This is far longer than I expected but I think I’m well introduced. I’d love for you to join me on this new endeavour on Instagram (@PlaysAndPaperbacks), Twitter (@PaperbackPlays) and here on my blog (currently under construction) as we see where this leads!

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3 thoughts on “A Stagey, Bookish Welcome!

  1. I have a blog talking about my love for musical theatre. Every so often, something other than musical theatre shows up to show I am more than a musical theatre fanatic.


      1. It does help blogs when you go to others and comment- as in blogs similar to yours. I have been a blogger since December 2015, and that has been helpful.


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